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Beschreibung für OutputFilter 1.2.7 width new WBLink Filter

Output Filter got a new function to avoid converting placeholder to the right value, if you insert a @ after the first brackett

  1. phplib format {@TEXT_SAVE_BACK}
  2. other format (@TEXT_SAVE_BACK)
  3. Twig  format {{@ lang.TEXT_SAVE }}
  4. WBLink format [@wblink14?addon=news&item=153]
  5. Droplet [[Lorem?blocks=6]]
Beschreibung für Download Gallery Version 3.0.0dev17

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev17  04-13-2019

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev15  04-01-2019

  1. added toggle show/hide description
  2. You have to reload your given Layout

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev14  03-11-2019

  1. added show timezone

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev11  02-26-2019

  1. Typofix n line (193) or (/modules/download_gallery/save_file.php):

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev11  02-09-2019

  1. Split Settings and Layout Saving

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev10  02-02-2019

  1. Some small Layout Fixes

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev9  02-01-2019

  1. added help modal dialogbox

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev8  01-30-2019

  1. Added Reorganisation Position Button,

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev7  01-30-2019

  1. Bug fixed error in SQL syntax;

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev4  01-22-2019

  1. Fixed output position the same in backend and frontend
  2. Don't forget to change your frontendUser.css, pls compare with frontend.css to see what is newest

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev3  01-21-2019

  1. Beginning with security fixes in sql statements

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev2  01-19-2019

  1. fixed ordering groups and files, setting separate groups- and files sorting
  2. disable sorting button in frontend, if files sorting is selected.
  3. You can select between two Layoutsettings, we are in progress that you can create or modify and save your own layoutx, without overwriting bei module upgrade!
    The package already included
    a) Default Layout
    b) Scroll Layout with fixed header
  4. Don't forget to change selectors in your frontendUser.css. Start a compare with the frontend.css

CHANGELOG Version 3.0.0dev1  01-18-2019

  1. recoding structur in file view.php for overviewed development changes

CHANGELOG Version 2.90 01-17-2019

  1. added selector dlg-group-description with optional attribute to preserve line break in textarea at the end of your frontendUser.css

CHANGELOG Version 2.89 01-16-2019

  1. fixed sorting release filedate

CHANGELOG Version 2.88 01-16-2019

  1. Fix Frontend Field Sorts, relased date shows rcorrect file date
  2. add cell with placeholder [@RELEASED] [@RELTIME] in default layout
  3. changed -  surpress deleting the download_gallery folder in media
  4. change group description input field to textarea

CHANGELOG Version 2.87 01-16-2019

  1. Typofix Error in a script call
  2. BugFix Drag und Drop Files
  3. Fix wrong Targeturl for ajax-lo01-ader.gif File
Beschreibung für mpform captcha fix

based on svn changelog 2019-04-13

rev 334 recoding captcha
        fixed refresh old captcha types without reloading whole page
        $_SESSION and submit $_POST now have same index ['captcha'.$section_id]

solution without sanitize $_POST

$_POST['captcha'] = (isset($_POST['captcha']) ? $_POST['captcha'] : null);
$_POST['captcha'] = (isset($_POST['captcha'.$section_id]) ? $_POST['captcha'.$section_id] : $_POST['captcha']);
$_SESSION['captcha'.$section_id] == $_POST['captcha'];


Beschreibung für minform captcha fix

based on svn changelog 2019-04-13

rev 334 recoding captcha
        fixed refresh old captcha types without reloading whole page
        $_SESSION and submit $_POST now have same index ['captcha'.$section_id]

solution without sanitize $_POST

$_POST['captcha'] = (isset($_POST['captcha']) ? $_POST['captcha'] : null);
$_POST['captcha'] = (isset($_POST['captcha'.$section_id]) ? $_POST['captcha'.$section_id] : $_POST['captcha']);
$_SESSION['captcha'.$section_id] == $_POST['captcha'];


Beschreibung für ProCalendar_v1_5_0-dev6

version  1.5.0-dev6
updated changelog

version 1.4.4 until 1.5.0-dev5 2018
design fixes, item mask, added help iframe

version 1.4.3 2018-07-06
version 1.4.0 dev31 2018-03-04
different small fixes

version 1.4.0-dev.8
php 7.2 ready

version 1.3.14 22.02.2017
make it WB 2.10.x ready

maybe splitting branch of development

version 1.3.8 xx.xx.2016
+ font color in eventlist depends on background color now (thx to gnom: http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,28883.msg202558.html#msg202558)
+ added user visibility settings for logged in and members of a certain group (thx for suggesting to pfreud1 http://forum.wbce.org/viewtopic.php?id=346)

version 1.3.7 30.12.2015
! debug call in save.php caused memory overflow (reprted by hgs at http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,28423.msg201765.html#msg201765)
! make save.php work with wbce 1.2.x

version 1.3.7 29.11.2015
! Line 372 in save.php uncommented because it comes to memory overflow in many records. THX to marmot

version 1.3.6 25.11.2015
! again show correct date on details view (thx to ichmusshierweg)
! some code cleaning

version 1.3.5 26.09.2015
! field enddate stays hidden also on rec series if "only use startdate" option is selected
! show correct date on details view (reported bei Tomno339 at http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,28423.msg200586.html#msg200586)

version 1.3.4 01.07.2015
! rec monthly events: no more missing dates on seies which last over more than one calendar year; first date can be at start date;
  (thanks for reporting to Tomno399 @ http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,28423.msg199017.html#msg199017)
! error in upgrade.php (reported and fixed by dbs http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,27782.msg193372.html#msg193372)
! end time is no longer set for date series with fixed number of dates or infinite series (reported by dbs http://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,27782.msg193372.html#msg193372)

version 1.3.3 10.08.2014
! fourth criteria on rec events now working
! past start date does no longer create date range when startdate only option is selected
+ current day gets class procal_today now
! details view back link ist browser history back now (makes sense for usage in droplets)

version 1.3.2 19.02.2014
! changed css classname to make procal work in wb 2.8.4

version 1.3.1 09.05.2013
! some notices fixed
+ kat id is shown on options page in categorie dropdown (might help using droplets)

version 1.3 27.02.2013
! notice message when not category is set
! problems when module or droplet is used on muliple sections on the same page

version 1.3 17.05.2012
! fixed a problem regarding endtime used in recurring events
+ added possibility for easy overwriting individual events of a date series

version 1.3 01.04.2012
! fixed an include path error to mColorPicer which was introduced in version 1.2
+ added recurring date support and therefore added some fields in actions table and new file modify_recurrent_inc.php

version 1.2 22.03.2012
! fixed some format problems with year and month navigation by putting them in the same table field (functions.php, frontend.css, backend.css
- deleted some $colcount stuff, isn't used as colcount counts rows and not columns (functions.php)
+ added color support for categories by using an adapted version of mColorPicker, thanks to meta100.com (new directory "images", fields "format" and "format_days" in eventgrups table)
+ added upgrade.php


Beschreibung für CKEditor Version

Überarbeitung des WBLink Plugins, der in der Lage ist Newsnachrichten als wblink anzuzeigen
Neuer output_filter Version 1.2.7 und  wird zur Umsetzung der neuen WBLink Struktur benötigt,

Revision of the WBLink plugin, which is able to display news as wblink
New output_filter version 1.2.7 is required to implement the new WBLink structure,

Beschreibung für Event Calendar 2.0.9 stable

Version 2.0.9 (Luisehahne 2019/03/14)
Version 2.0.8 (Luisehahne 2019/03/14)
- bugfix select missing month april
+ fixed never insert a empty data row if you add a new event
+ during saving checking if event is added new or existings

Version 2.0.5 (Luisehahne 2019/02/20)
- bugfix sanitize month query, removing trailing 0

Version 2.0.4 (Luisehahne 2019/02/20)
- bugfix plus sign instead of minus in all events

Version 2.0.3 (Luisehahne 2019/02/20)
- bugfix add event with text default color black

Version 2.0.2 (Luisehahne 2019/02/19)
- remove cursor pointer in month overview

Version 2.0.1 (Luisehahne 2019/02/14)
- remove link Back to current Month, if current month already is shown

Version 2.0.0 (Luisehahne 2019/02/14)
+ set to version '2.0.0 stable

Version 1.8.5dev8 (Luisehahne 2019/02/13)
+ show color input to create a fixed hex value
+ added color hex in overview to copy/paste in color input field

Version 1.8.5dev7 (Luisehahne 2019/02/13)
+ added jscolor web color picker component

Version 1.8.5dev6 (Luisehahne 2019/02/12)
+ added color to event_msg
+ reworked view.php

Version 1.8.5dev5 (Luisehahne 2019/02/11)
+ bugfixed document.modify form attribute
+ moved javascript from php script to backend_body.js
+ bugfixed leapyear output

Version 1.8.5dev4 (Luisehahne 2019/02/11)
+ added sanitize url
+ added ReplaceSysvar placeholder to long description
+ bugfixed copy event

Version 1.8.5dev3 (Luisehahne 2019/02/11)
+ some html validate fixes

Version 1.8.5dev2 (Luisehahne 2019/02/10)
+ add default and comment to field type date
+ change mysql to strict mode


Beschreibung für Multi_Section_v1_1_0-dev_11

This module allows you to show sections list in different ways


  1. button redirect to modify page # section
  2. input search in list
Beschreibung für WBLingual Version 2.0.2 for WB 2.12.2

Version 2.0.2 01-18-2019

  1. 404 Broken Link Header change to 403 Forbidden
  2. Started of removing e-mail adresses from header info to avoid sniffing e-mail
  3. Lower flag file name has to been set in the template lang.html.twig as follws
    {@{ aTarget.sFilename|lower }}-min
  4. Template location possible in /modules/WBLingual/templates/ Folder
    or in your Frontend Template in /templates/Your_Template/templates/
    WBLingual first look  to this folder, for own styling the output, e.g. only Country Names instead flags,  otherwise load default template from the /modules/WBLingual/templates/
Beschreibung für CorePatch for WebsiteBaker 2.12.1

This Upgrade package for WB 2.12.1 for testing the coming up WB 2.12.2, this patch don't change the Version and Revision in 2.12.1 and after testing merged into WB 2.12.2

CHANGELOG 04-03-2019


CHANGELOG 03-21-2019

  1. Bugfixed if WebsiteBaker running in an application path not document root
  2. corrected wrong file encoding /modules/news/backend_body.js

CHANGELOG 03-20-2019

  1. upgrade to PHPMailer to version 5.2.27, preparing upgrade to version 6.0.7
  2. recoded and fixed /search/index.php

CHANGELOG 03-07-2019

  1. captcha controll add dsgvo/gdpr settings
  2. add dsgvo/gdpr/captcha settings ro account signup, login and forgot password, dsgvo to be set in in option -> frontend , captcha to be set by admin-tool captcha_control
  3. add droplet code overwrite checkbox when importing archiv droplets

CHANGELOG 02-28-2019

  1. some fixes class-datbase,
  2. continue coding addon captchacontrol

CHANGELOG 02-22-2019

  1. add old captcha handling for backward compabilty

CHANGELOG 02-19-2019

  1. added new captcha handling
  2. remove triiger notice in /framwork/media/GD.php

CHANGELOG 02-09-2019

  1. Bugfix output blocks greater 1 when logout pages with different blocks

CHANGELOG 02-01-2019

  1. Current version synchronized with SVN WB 2.12.2, has fixed all reported problems in WB 2.12.1.

CHANGELOG 01-30-2019

  1. synchronisize files for WB2.12.1 Patch with all known fixes
  2. SVN WB 2.12.2 project is actuell
  3. Please Test this Patch to become a stable WB2.12.2
  4. Fixed Logical Problem in Section Administration in /admin/sections.php Tks to jacobi22
  5. added max-width in content.css line 5 for bigger screens

CHANGELOG 01-29-2019

  1. found a better solution to prevent parent pages from renaming

WB 2.12.x - Tickets
# Tracker Status CHANGELOG 01-28-2019

  1. 84 gefixt Error in WB-Group-Permissions
  2. 83 gefixt logical Problem in SimpleCommandDispatcher
  3. 82 gefixt typofix in News-Module
  4. 81 gefixt  Module backend "Edit CSS" buttons should also use frontenUser.css if available

CHANGELOG 01-28-2019

  1. Typofixes in /admin/pages/settings.php
  2. downgrade login- und login-forgot box to old style
  3. Zip Paket geändert zu XCorePatch_Fix-for_2_12_1.zip  so dass der Corepatch mit unzip als letztes entpackt wird
  4. Fehlende AbschnittsListe für DSGV Auswahl gefixt

CHANGELOG 01-27-2019

  1. Optionen/Settings erweitert Servereinstellungen Feld "Zugriffs Datei Einstellung"
  2. Erweitert Seitenoption für Anwender, die mit älteren WB Versionen Zugriffsdateien erstellt haben und durch das neue Format Schwierigkeiten bekommen
  3. Javascript Floatbox in /inculde/plugins/default/ hinzugefügt
  4. Komplette PagesFix Dateien

CHANGELOG 01-25-2019

  1. Ticket 84 Fixed Error in WB-Group-Permissions

CHANGELOG 01-22-2019

  1. fixed removing backslashes by saving the css file in modules/edit_module_files.php,

CHANGELOG 01-20-2019

CorePatch for WebsiteBaker 2.12.1 for output_filter Version 1.2.6

add changed files to exisiting output_filter, you have not to upgrade the completely output_filter addon

  1. modules/output_filter/info.php (set Version to 1.27, start upgrade-scriptt)
  2. modules/output_filter/OutputFilterApi.php (show brackets without converting to his value)
  3. modules/output_filter/filters/filterWbLink.php (handling with new wblink format)

CHANGELOG 01-18-2019

CorePatch for WebsiteBaker 2.12.1 for new CKeditor Version

these files will be changed/added to work with Ckeditor

  1. framework/WbLinkAbstract.php
  2. framework/helpers/PageTree.php (added)
  3. framework/helpers/SmallRawPageTree.php (added)
  4. include/phplib/Template.php (fixed subst error)
  5. modules/SimpleCommandDispatcher.inc.php
  6. modules/SimpleCommandDispatcher.inc (backwards combability)
  7. modules/news/WbLink.php

You too have to upgrade output_filter to Version 1.2.7

CorePatch files for WebsiteBaker 2.12.1 fixed modify edit_css

  1. framework/module.functions.php
  2. modules/edit_module_files.php


Beschreibung für Translate Fix

CHANGELOG 2019-03-16
- Bugfix Showing wrong Add-on Languages

Beschreibung für Neues Captcha for WebsiteBaker 2.12.1

The new Captcha is based on Securimage by  Drew Phillips. Securimage is an open-source free PHP CAPTCHA script for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes to protect forms from spam and abuse. It can be easily added into existing forms on your website to provide protection from spam bots. It can run on most any webserver as long as you have PHP installed, and GD support within PHP!

Securimage does everything from generating the CAPTCHA images to validating the typed code. Audible codes can be streamed to the browser

This version is experimentell and in progress, but works here in this installation without running in issues. Included changed files in captcha control management as admin-tool.

How do I install the new captcha?

  1. Download the new Captcha Core Addon Package
  2. Via FTP simply rename the existing captcha folder in folder /include/ to e.g. captcha.org
  3. Unpack Packet and hocload via FTP. Package contains the correct folder structure
  4. The package also contains a new /modules/form/view.php. This adjustment was necessary to allow multiple embedding. A further adjustment for other add-ons has not been made yet.
  5. The new captcha is downward compatible and should work in all Add-ons
Beschreibung für Media Fix
  • Unterstützung von JPEG Dateien hinzugefügt
Beschreibung für Installer Fix
  • Installationsproblem WB-Versions Compare bei Add-on Installation behoben
Beschreibung für Pages Fix
  1. Problem der Umbennung der Parent Ordner und Dateien gefixt.
  2. Hinzufügen eines Schalters in Seitenoption zum Festlegen auf neues Format oder altes Format der Zugriffsdateien und deren Ordner
  3. Hinzufügen einer Hilfe Box, wenn Feld Neues Format aktiv, kann in Optionen/Settings erweitert Servereinstellungen Feld Zugriffs Datei Einstellung eingeschaltet wird